Meet the Team & Hear My Story

body centric wellness team
Me with my assistant, Buddy!

About Body Centric Wellness

Body Centric Wellness is a private healthcare provider specialising in delivering a revolutionary corrective technique known as Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Here at Body Centric Wellness you and your body’s well-being are at the centre of our attention. The clinic’s goal is to help you restore your body’s health you thought was lost.

We specialise in the application of a highly advanced technique known as Advanced BioStructural Correction™. This technique, courtesy of Dr Jesse Jutkowitz, is helping people worldwide take back control of their health and live their lives. You no longer have to settle for pain and misery and can continue doing the things you always enjoyed doing, as you will begin to discover.

It is operated by myself, your certified practitioner/technician, Mohammed Jibran and is the culmination of years of research into how I could improve my own health and well-being.

My Story

Learning about the importance of structure really opened my eyes

I came across ABC™, to some extent, by accident. As my own health gradually deteriorated over the years I was forced into giving up the two loves of my youth; football and weight lifting.

Despite being active and following a reasonably healthy lifestyle I kept getting niggling injuries and all too often would fall ill – sometimes inexplicably. My doctors could not provide satisfactory answers and would try to convince me to just accept my situation.

Growing ever frustrated with the standard of healthcare knowledge and practice I took the matter of my health into my own hands and began heavily researching whatever was ailing me.

Despite my efforts I couldn’t make much progress. I tried a number of alternative methods; including cupping, stretching, MFR (myofascial release), diet changes, targeted exercises, isometric training…the list goes on. Although said techniques are not completely useless they only provide temporary symptom relief. Unfortunately they do not tackle the underlying cause of the symptom.

Understanding this I delved deeper into the subject of how the body works and what makes it go wrong. Not being able to find satisfactory answers slowly ate away at me. Like most people dealing with chronic pain/ailments I eventually fell into anxiety related depression. Not being fully taken seriously by the medical industry or even those close to me also increased my frustrations and anxiety further, to the point where I even questioned my own sanity at times. Repeatedly hearing… ‘oh it’s just in your head, ignore it’…’just get on with it’…’you’re just getting older’…can get to you and does not help. 

Treating my son with ABC™ finally improved his health

The final straw for me was when Doctors admitted they could not help my son(s), who also suffer from various health issues. Their plights provided the final impetus to desperately continue searching for a solution that could at least give them some feeling of normality i.e. being able to walk around like other kids.

Through my searching I learnt the importance of posture. However my understanding of it was immature. I, like most others, thought it was related to your muscles and movement so introduced some of the previously mentioned techniques.

I was not aware that your body should stay upright with perfect posture all by itself, provided everything was aligned correctly. This discovery eventually lead me to ABC™ and the rest as they say is history. I was so impressed by the technique and it’s effectiveness I decided to train and become a practitioner/technician myself. 

My original intention was to simply take care of my family, but knowing how powerful ABC™ is I felt a sense of responsibility of sharing this with my community as well as the wider general public. My own personal experiences with chronic ailments taught me how awful it can be.

If you too would like to experience the life changing ability of ABC™ just as I and many others have, contact me using the link below to book your FREE consultation. It’s the best decision you will ever make!