Body Centric Wellness is a private healthcare provider and one of very few in the UK trained in delivering a revolutionary structural healthcare technique known as Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™).

What to Expect

Not all complaints are postural/structural in nature. Cancer, infection, diabetes and any diseases of that nature cannot be treated structurally. However you may be surprised at the amount that can be. Speak to our practitioner via phone or book a face to face consultation to discuss your body and it's complaints further. You can have the first rib manoeuvre demonstrated on you so you can know first hand the kind of results ABC™ can deliver. No matter what your complaint ABC™ will almost certainly help you breath better and improve your overall circulation.

Below are some of the most common complaints that people come to us with and often the easiest problems to treat.

back pain

Back pain

Perhaps the number one cause of sick days and loss of man hours in the UK economy, back pain, particularly lower back pain, is a real problem. Our modern lifestyles and jobs make this persistent annoyance ever more common and problematic. Visit us today to lighten the load off.

Headaches/Brain Fog

As strange as it may sound not all headaches have anything to actually do with the head. More often than not the pain you feel in your head is as a result of a degenerative compensation pattern your body develops to protect another area. ABC™ can get to the root of your headaches and relieve you of ever needing any more pain killers.
neck pain

Neck and Shoulders

Ever woke up with a stiff neck or frozen shoulder? Found yourself stumped as to how such an injury occurred? This could well be due to your pillow height. Come visit us to get this niggling issue sorted.


For those of you who were ever told 'you have sciatica', don't be alarmed. It's not some strange life threatening disease. It's a Latin word meaning 'leg pain'. The root of the pain is often pressure or impingement of the sciatic nerve that runs through and around your lower back and pelvis. ABC™ can relieve this debilitating pain, absolutely.

knee pain

Knee Pain

Like back pain this is a real issue, particularly as we get older. Like the other ailments however it's not always just bad knees. Improper hip alignment can stress the knee(s) more as your body tries to find room from some place else due to either poor hip mobility or lower back issues.
foot pain

Feet and Ankles

As the primary load bearers, our feet and ankles get seriously abused over time, particularly if they're having to compensate for improper structural alignment. After a treatment session your feet will immediately release and feel like they'd been professionally massaged. Try it for yourself.


After a well executed meningeal release is performed you will immediately feel an overwhelming sense of warmth and alertness. This is indicative of improved blood circulation. Likewise as you get treated your chest will be able to expand and relieve pressure on your heart.


Cardiovascular performance or your breathing is intrinsically connected to your blood circulation. As you get treated your ribs will finally be able to move as they were supposed to, allowing your chest to expand more, making breathing easier and deeper.

what to expect

Why Do We Hurt?

Please see the video below courtesy of fellow ABC™ Practitioner and colleague Dr Jeff Aberle. Here he briefly outlines what is the main factor behind why our bodies breakdown and start causing us pain and discomfort and why we're never aware of it.

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