Terms and Conditions

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Set out below are the terms on which Body Centric Wellness provides service to its patients. Please ensure that you have read and fully understood them.

1. Service

Our practitioners are certified in Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and practice in accordance with the ABC™ protocol.

2. Appointments

An average treatment visit lasts 20-30 minutes. After the correction we suggest that you avoid looking directly down and take a short walk before sitting or driving. You do not need to undress or get changed for your treatment but please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.

3. Appointment Schedule and Cancellations

Your practitioner will recommend a specific course of care for you with the aim of producing the most specific and predictable changes possible. Each treatment is critical to achieving your health goals. We understand that sometimes you may need to change an appointment. Please give us 24hrs notice if you can’t make an appointment or if you need to make changes. All missed appointments need to be made up as soon as possible for optimum results. We do not charge for cancelling or rescheduling appointments; we work on an understanding of mutual respect for the value of each other’s time. Please note however that charges will apply if appointments are missed or if you do not provide enough notice. This is discourteous to both the clinic and other patients who could have been offered the respective slot.

4. Office Hours

We aim to offer a range of appointment times, including mornings, lunchtime appointments, afternoons, and evenings. In emergencies, or if our regular hours are unsuitable, please contact your practitioner so that a quick solution can be found, which may include referral to see colleagues at other offices who also use ABC™. Emergency visits or appointments outside our regular opening hours may be arranged at Body Centric Wellness at extra cost.

4. Children

No children under the age of 16 years must be left unattended within the premises at any time. Parents / guardians are responsible for their children at any time. Children under 16 can only be treated if a parent / guardian is present.

5. Payments

Care packages are to be paid before treatment can commence, unless another arrangement has been agreed upon. We prefer bank transfer for care package payments, although we can also accept cash and card payments as well.

6. Refunds

If you need to cease your care for whatever reason, refunds are calculated by deducting the total cost of all treatments already taken from the total price paid for that course of treatment. Prepaid packages are valid for the duration of a maximum of 3 months; thereafter, any unused credit will lapse.

7. Liability

Body Centric Wellness will not be liable in contract, tort or otherwise for any economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of profit), or for any other special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, its provision of any goods and/or services to the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they provide Body Centric Wellness with up to date health details prior to each treatment. Body Centric Wellness will not be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of the client’s failure to disclose such details.

The client agrees to comply with all instructions and/or recommendations given to them by their practitioner regarding their responsibilities towards postural self-care. These are mostly based on sitting, sleeping, and standing advice. Nothing in these terms of business shall exclude or limit the practitioner’s liability for death or any personal injury resulting from the practitioner’s negligence.

8. Complaints

We endeavour to treat all of our patients respectfully, appropriately, compassionately, and fairly. What we value above all else is your satisfaction with the service we provide. If, however, you have an issue with any matter in relation to your treatment at Body Centric Wellness, you are entitled to log a complaint, either verbally, by telephone or via email.
Initially, we ask you to address your concerns to us verbally. We will endeavour to correct the issue to your complete satisfaction as soon as possible. If you do not receive a satisfactory response, please email your complaint to info@bodycentricwellness.co.uk. You will receive a reply from us within seven days of logging the complaint that an investigation into the matter is under way.

Rest assured, we take any of these matters very seriously as your health and well-being is our number one priority. We hope that you will never need these procedures and we look forward to an exciting journey with you towards greater health and function.

9. Progress

You will be given approximate time scales for the various stages of your recovery at your Physical Assessment/Report of Findings visit. The three main stages of progress are; a) Time till comfortable, b) Time till stable and, c) Total unwinding time. These approximations will be based upon the ideal treatment frequency, with no interruptions in care and correct following of the lifestyle advice. During the first one to three months of care, we will be gathering further data to give you a more accurate estimate of the above recovery times. Not following the recommended care programme will result in anything from less than ideal results to no significant change occurring.

We will also advise you on the important matter of how to keep the positive changes to your body to enable it firstly to progress through the Unwinding process and then to maintain that state. More information regarding this advice will be provided after your assessment. Not following the lifestyle advice can make you feel worse.

10. Measuring progress

During your consultation and on an ongoing basis, we need to take measurements, photographs and videos of your function, posture and movement patterns. This is an essential part of the process to ensure that you are getting the very best results. This information will be used to measure your progress and only you and Body Centric Wellness will have access to it unless you have signed the relevant release form.

11. Research, Development, and Ongoing Education

We strongly believe in furthering our standard of care and in developing bodywork methods through research. This office participates in research activities, and we may include data from your case in our trials. All data is used anonymously and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018 legislation. Should you wish your data to be excluded from this anonymous research, please let us know.

For training and quality purposes, visits may on occasion be filmed. The purpose is for your practitioner to review and improve communication and, on occasion, to review technique standards with mentors to ensure the highest possible standard of care for you. You will be advised in advance if a visit will be filmed, and who the video would be shared with. This will not be done without your explicit consent. If you have any concerns and wish not to be filmed, please let us know. After being reviewed, any such videos will be promptly deleted. On occasion, pictures will be shared for review with other ABC™ colleagues and mentors. Once reviewed, the pictures will be deleted; all our colleagues are bound by confidentiality and data protection legislation, and will neither store nor share your pictures or video footage with anybody else, except with your express written consent.

Our Aims:

When a client seeks our care and we accept a client for such care, it is essential for us both to be working towards the same objective. Our care has only one goal. It is important that each client understands both the objective and the method that will be used to attain it so any confusion or disappointment can be avoided.

The goal at Body Centric Wellness is to improve your biomechanics by correcting Primary Biomechanical Pathologies (PBPs) as defined by Advanced Biostructural Correction™: A bone out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct because it has no muscles or combination of muscles pulling in the direction needed. The purpose of which is to “unwind” the body through old injuries and back to a state of ideal biomechanics, notwithstanding any permanent changes that prevent full unwinding from taking place.

Unwinding generally is a pleasant process as overall physical stress is being reduced. There are times, however, when old injuries “unwind” out and cause symptoms. These “forward unwinding phases” can include but are not exclusively limited to pain, aching, stiffness, dizziness, tiredness, and mood changes.

If you stick to the advice and your treatment plan, these phases are usually of short duration and your body will be in a better physical state afterwards. Generally, the worse physical condition your body is in, the longer and more severe these symptoms can be. You must not cease care during a forward unwinding phase or your body will remain uncomfortable for an unknowable period of time. Hence, getting through each forward unwind as it arrives is of paramount importance. More information will be provided regarding unwinding in the “Unwinding” brochure and the “How and Why” video. It is your duty to read, understand and accept the unwinding process before starting the programme, with the understanding that the unwinding process can be tough at times and you must be sure that you will be able to tolerate and work through these periods.


We do not offer to diagnose or treat any disease or condition other than PBPs. Please consult your GP to make sure they have no objections to you undergoing this treatment. If we encounter unusual findings, we will advise you. If you desire advice, diagnosis, or treatment for those findings, we recommend that you seek the services of a health care provider who specialises in that area.

Remember that your body takes time to deteriorate over the years. Therefore, correction and healing equally take time. However, if you are not satisfied with your body’s response to care, please make an appointment to discuss this with your practitioner. We want you to get the most from your ABC™ care.

Privacy and Data Protection:

Patient confidentiality and privacy are our priority. Your privacy and dignity during treatment is our utmost priority. Please advise your practitioner if you would like to have the blinds of the window closed during your treatment.

As part of your course of treatment, pictures are taken to document progress. On occasion, video may be taken to document changes to your mobility. These pictures and videos are to document progress and will be stored electronically in computer file. They will not be shared outside this office without your explicit consent.