Start Your ABC™ Journey to Recovery

Like any other health clinic we fully consult you about the protocol & guide you through the recovery process

The road to recovery is a journey like any other…it’s never a straight line A to B and there are many peaks and troughs and twists and turns throughout.

When you reach your destination however you overlook whatever difficulties you may have encountered along the way. The ABC™ Journey is no different. Your destination in this case is wellness and a pain free body. This can be achieved with patience and perseverance. For more detailed information on the path you must follow to get well with ABC™, unwinding and so on, please see our ‘Learn More’ page.

The diagram below illustrates the route one must take on this journey.

Our Treatment Plans and Pricing

Once you have had your consultation your journey to recovery and better health can start.

You MUST undergo the physical assessment as it helps us gauge your current state of physical health as well as to determine your BREAKDOWN side. This costs £69 and can take 1.5 to 2 hours!

To save time please ensure you complete and return all the documents that would have been emailed to you before your assessment.

In terms of treatment plans themselves it is generally recommended to be treated at least twice a week to get the most effective rate of progression in your health.

Individual treatment appointments can last up to 20 minutes. Please arrive a little early to ensure you are ready to be treated at the allotted time.


Single Treatment
£ 35 Per Visit
  • Single treatment as & when required
  • Best if you don't need regular visits
  • Maintenance achieved at best
  • NO Endo-Nasal
  • NO Re-assessment review

3 FOR 2

Maintenance Package
£ 69 Per Package
  • Pre-paid package of 3 treatments
  • Valid for 3 months from purchase
  • Minimal progression
  • Endo-Nasal if needed
  • NO Re-assessment review


Value Package
£ 199 Per Package
  • Pre-paid Package for 10 Treatments
  • Valid for 3 months from purchase
  • Optimal progression
  • Endo-Nasal & re-assessment if needed


Monthly Package
£ 259 Monthly
  • Up to 16 visits for 1 calendar month
  • Endo-Nasal included
  • Re-assessments included
  • Optimal progression