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Can Posture Affect Stress Levels?

Can Posture Affect Stress Levels?

Stress or feeling stressed is a heightened response to a situation or stimulus that causes you to operate outside of your normal range. These situations can be stimulated by a variety of factors including physical, chemical, toxic, electromagnetic radiation, emotional, spiritual, and many more.

stressAny stress from one source will affect how you respond to other stresses too because everything is connected. For instance, if you have poor posture, the physical stress this creates on and in your body can lead to emotional stress too. 

Having to physically work harder as a result of the poor posture means you will tire more easily and therefore more likely to give in to emotional stressors. Have you ever noticed how you are more likely to snap at someone when you’re tired or frustrated? Have you also ever noticed that when someone is upset or depressed they have a more slumped/bent or weak looking posture? 

When you have such underlying poor posture already your ability to cope with additional stressors such as emotional/mental stress reduces and therefore you’re more likely to fall into a slumped/depressed state. This more slumped state can actually exacerbate feelings of depression etc. 

In the video below Dr Jutkowitz (founder of ABC™) outlines the underlying source (in some cases) of heightened senses of stress (negative feelings) and emotions such as depression. He briefly talks about how excessive stretch on the brain stem can lead to such feelings. I have more information on this subject and the nervous system in general in separate articles.


The physical stress one may suffer can manifest as excessive muscle tension, organ compression and twisting, nerve tension and more. A common symptom is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which can occur due to food transit stopping during periods of stress.

The good news is that reducing the stress in any one area will benefit every other part of your body. If you focus on the source of the greatest stress, you will get the most reduction in overall stress. Conversely, if you focus on the wrong area, you will not get as much benefit.

The Golden Rule is that ‘Everything is Connected’.

Here at Body Centric Wellness we specialize in posture correction that leads to injury recovery/prevention and ultimately allows your body to better cope with the life’s other stressors.

The underlying cause of bad posture, pain, and many other symptoms is; bones out of place that your body cannot self-correct because there are no muscles or combination of muscles to pull them back into position. This can cause huge physical stress, as gravity causes your body to collapse, compressing/stretching organs which causes your muscles to have to twist, bend and arch you upright.

Before treatment begins, people often report being moody, anxious, depressed, stressed out, restless, have poor sleep and are easy to anger. Once we have been working with them for a few weeks most people will look more relaxed, sleep better, their digestion improves, they have less tension, and their family report they are easier to get along with. This then allows them to start tackling other sources of stress in their lives too.

Since everything in your body is connected, reducing/eliminating any chronic stress by helping physical injuries will also improve other seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Let us get to the root cause of your ailment(s). We offer a FREE consultation including a demo of the ‘First Rib Manoeuver’ before you decide on proceeding with any treatment. You will feel the difference to your pain and movement right from the off.

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