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Are Soft Tissue Therapy, Mobilization and Manipulation Legitimate Options?

The field of chiropractic is already aware that muscles and joints having to work harder due to a crooked body cause us problems. Soft tissue therapists are aware that muscles overworking or not mobilizing properly again cause pain and discomfort. Conventional thought would be to tackle the muscles and joints causing pain and discomfort head on. Unsurprisingly some relief can […]

How We Offer TRUE/REAL Posture Correction

Why focus on posture? When it comes to getting posture correction right we (ABC™ practitioners) consider ourselves world leaders and have learned a thing or two by treating hundreds (perhaps thousands) over the years. Getting your posture upright is our main focus here at Body Centric Wellness. The reason is that the state of your posture/structure and how well your […]

How Do I Look? Look and Feel Better with Posture Correction

Everybody wants to look good and impressive. But did you ever stop and think about how good your posture looked? Like almost everyone the answer was probably ‘not really’ or ‘never thought about it’ or something else along those lines. Having good posture is not just about impressing in your latest job interview or looking good for your next selfie […]