Advanced BioStructural Correction™ – 1st Choice for Posture Correction

advanced biostructural correction is the choice for a more upright posture

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is our tool of choice for providing symptom/pain relief through posture correction. This is true for a range of symptoms; including headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, neck pain, sciatica…almost anything that is not cancer, infection, diabetes or the like. 

You may be asking yourself; ‘How can my posture being bad lead to such a diverse range of symptoms?’ We answer this question in incredible and more specific detail in our Blog but here we will keep things a little brief and simple to make things more understandable for the lay person.

Many people believe the human body is a self-correcting, self-healing system. It is in fact a partially self-correcting system that when aided by correcting that which it cannot self-correct, the rest can be healed.

This paradigm forms the basic principles of ABC™ (advanced biostructural correction™) and is the main reason behind why it works. Please see our ‘Learn More’ page and/or Blog for further and more detailed information about how and why ABC™ works. There we explain more about bones going out of place and why it is important to correct them.

We already know through chiropractic care and other bone manipulation therapies such as osteopathy, that bones can and do go out of place. However, thanks to ABC™ we know there are two ways bones go out of place; first in a direction where they can self-correct (and most of the time they do and you don’t notice them) and secondly in a direction where they CANNOT self-correct.

What is Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™)?

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ or ABC™ for short, is NOT chiropractic! They are similar in nature but completely different in approach, philosophy and understanding. ABC™ is an advanced form of body structure correction through properly aligning the bones out of place in a direction the body could not correct itself due to not having the muscles in place to do so. 

This technique was discovered and put together by the genius Dr Jesse Jutkowitz. Over decades of research and testing he has perfected the technique and now teaches worldwide. It is a very specific and precise technique that only corrects bones that NEED to be corrected. Over time your body corrects the rest and slowly symptoms that caused pain or dysfunction begin to disappear.

When your body works correctly after having ABC™ treatment you don’t necessarily feel better. You feel nothing! Because there is no longer pain or dysfunction you don’t notice your body as everything just works and you simply get on with living your life. Please see our other pages for more information about ABC™, how it can help you, unwinding, the products we offer and more.

How is ABC™ Done?

Please view the video below where the protocol is being run on someone for the first time. Please be aware that you need to have had a full assessment carried out before any treatment is offered. This is to ascertain your medical history, injury record, any current diagnoses as well as the state of your current physical posture and general health. Without this information we cannot identify your side of major mechanical breakdown, plan your treatment schedule or gauge how well you will cope with the unwinding process.

The reactions of the patient in the video are quite typical of how most people react, especially if they are not that symptomatic. Irrespective of how symptomatic you may be you will feel a huge difference in how upright you feel once the protocol is complete. Obviously if you are very symptomatic you will need more frequent treatment over a longer period of time.

video courtesy of fellow ABC™ practitioner and colleague Dr Jeff Aberle

Notice how surprised and pleased the patient felt when realising how easy and relatively quick the protocol was to run. Also notice how she immediately felt the difference in her blood circulation and breathing in particular. You too can improve your own blood circulation, breathing and any other chronic symptoms you may have that are not cancer, infection or diabetes related. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.