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Neck Pain – More Serious Than You May Have Thought!

Neck Pain – More Serious Than You May Have Thought!

Neck pain like most areas of pain results from overworked and tense muscles. The situation is becoming ever more common in our times with the advent of modern technology and smartphones in particular. Prolonged use of such devices usually involves leaning forwards or down, placing greater strain on your neck muscles to keep your head up.

Often people either get head and neck massages or some other kind of care that focuses on the neck area such as pressing and kneading the muscles at the top of your neck and either side of the neck base. You may also find yourself needing to stretch and “crack” your neck to relieve the stress.

Lying down often helps as your muscles and joints get a rest. You may also find that standing or sitting still makes the pain worse, as this makes the tension build-up.

Whatever you do to help the situation, you will have found that it only gives temporary relief since the underlying issue remains unresolved (the bones out of place). This is also why many therapies often do not permanently resolve the problem either. Even if they try to move the bones (chiropractic) they are not doing so in the manner required.

Strengthening muscles can to a degree help as stronger muscles are able to cope with greater stresses and loads, however you are still not getting to the root of the problem. No matter how strong you get there are no muscles that can pull the offending bones back into correct alignment.

Should I Be Worried About it?

Left untreated this kind of pain can at some point stop but that does not mean it has been fixed. Instead your body adapts and finds a way around the problem to protect the area by becoming stiffer and more suited to coping with the poor mechanics. Long term this can lead to further degeneration elsewhere in the body as well as injuries. These can include sciatica, osteoarthritis, headaches, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome…even changes to your voice!

In fact, neck pain from misalignments of the skeleton can cause problems almost anywhere else in your body. Of primary concern should be how it can affect your breathing. An independent study published in 2016 showed an adverse link between forward head posture (underlying cause for your neck pain) and breathing difficulties; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4755989/

How Do You Fix It?

treating a child with abcAt Body Centric Wellness we employ a method called Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™).

This is a full body manual manipulation protocol that corrects any bones out of place that the body could not otherwise correct itself in order to restore alignment and body mechanics. In doing so you will experience immediate improvements to your posture overall along with easing of tension in muscles and joints throughout the body and not just in your neck.

Making a full recovery can take time and depends upon factors such as how old your injuries are, how many you had, occupation, lifestyle and habits as well as how you sit, stand and sleep.

What you can be certain of is that no other method of healthcare (chiropractic, physio, massage, osteopathy etc.) can offer the results ABC™ can. Unlike other methods ABC™ can get to the root cause of your neck pain and offer you improvements elsewhere in your body you would not have even been aware of that needed improving!

Our goal is to help you get back to health and be the best you can be. Let us get to the root cause of your ailment(s). We offer a FREE consultation including a demo of the ‘First Rib Manoeuver’ before you decide on proceeding with any treatment. You will feel the difference to your pain and movement right from the off.

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