Nearest Chiropractor? Try Something Better!

Nearest Chiropractor? Try Something Better!

If you were just searching for ‘nearest chiropractor’ then let us welcome you to Body Centric Wellness.

As the title of the blog post suggests we offer an improved alternative to chiropractic therapy that has been revolutionizing healthcare around the world for more than 20+ years now.

We are not just an alternative to chiropractic care however. We can also improve upon the results seen from osteopathy, massage therapy, physiotherapy and even medicine in certain cases. This places us well to be able to help the thousands of you suffering with various debilitating ailments from arthritic aches & pains to trapped nerves & muscle weakness to even more complex health issues associated with modern living.

How do we do this? By delivering a revolutionary technique called Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™ for short).

ABC™ is a consistent and predictable method of improving your posture without the need of exercising to get you back to being upright and well again. As we are but one of a small number of ABC™ certified providers in the UK, some individuals are prepared to travel from outside the Midlands to get treated – demonstrating how effectively and uniquely ABC™ can help improve peoples’ lives. This includes all ages, men, women, children elderly – even infants!

So confident are we in what ABC™ can do for you we are offer a FREE consultation including a demo of the ‘First Rib Manoeuver’ before you decide on proceeding with any treatment. You will feel the difference to your pain and movement right from the off.

What sets you apart?

Through ABC™ we are able to do what no other physical treatment modalities are capable of doing. This is why we only use this method, making us unique and setting us apart from just another ‘nearest chiropractor’, or ‘nearest physio’, or nearest ‘osteopath’ etc.

We get to the root cause of your pain and dysfunction…the bones that have gone out place that couldn’t self-correct.

But isn’t that just chiropractic? Not quite. We share the same principal but in action we are different. Chiropractic does not tackle the root cause as it has an incomplete picture of how exactly the body works and why it goes wrong and thusly they miss out on how to correct it properly. Thanks to the genius of Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz we now know this and can therefore get you well again. 

For the more avid readers amongst you we’d highly recommend reading the book (as per the picture) by doctor of chiropractic and fellow ABC™ practitioner Richard Gliddon where he details his story and how he came to realise the power of ABC™.

Another unique aspect of the treatment is the releasing of old scar tissue that builds up inside the spinal canal itself called ‘meningeal adhesions’. This is done with very specific stretches to the spine. These adhesions in addition to the out of place bones are causing your pain and dysfunction. Failing to correct these, the meningeal adhesions in particular that other methods do not and cannot do, will result in the continuation of your lack of mobility and function.

Releasing the meninges is akin to our ‘secret sauce’ if you will that makes the ABC™ method better than anything else.

So what is the meninges? The meninges is a layered membranous connective tissue consisting of three different layers that form a very strong covering for the brain and spinal cord. These layers offer protection for these very sensitive parts of the body.

Think of the meninges like the insulation you get on electrical wiring. If the insulation was not there you would get all sorts of problems with your wiring. We go into much more detail on the meninges in another post. Such the blog for more information.

Treatment with ABC™ results in rapid symptom relief throughout the body in addition to your posture being corrected. The aim being, to not only resolve the symptoms but to reverse the underlying condition and return your body back to normal. By focusing on getting your posture right everything else will eventually resolve itself.

So you still think you need a chiropractor? Try us first and experience first-hand how we can give you the results no other method can. Book your FREE consultation and transform your life for the better.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.